Encompass Inc. offer to sell advertising space is expressly limited to advertiser’s acceptance of these terms and
conditions. Any of the following constitutes advertiser’s unqualified acceptance of these terms and conditions; (1)
written acknowledgement of these terms and conditions; (2) issuance or assignment of a purchase order for the
advertisement act; (3) acceptance of magazine delivery; (4) payment for the advertisement; (5) any other act or
expression of acceptance by the advertiser. THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH HEREIN SHALL

Advertising space size is determined by the design team in accordance with the profile of the magazine.Encompass
Inc. reserves the right to decline or reject any advertisement for any reason at any time without liability except where a mutual agreement is concluded. Space reservations are not an accepted policy of the magazine.

All graphic material created by Encompass Inc. staff is thereby owned in whole by the magazine.

Encompass Inc. will supply a limited warranty in that its finished product will meet advertiser’s specifications when
used in accordance with their applicable instructions and in accordance with the printing company’s standard.

If advertiser fails to submit print standard, reproduction risk is that of the advertiser or material is received after
closing date.

No extensions are granted without written request by the advertiser and approved by the magazine.

All advertisement submissions will be accepted 60 days prior to print date. Orders beyond current closing date will
be accepted based on availability of advertising space.

Insert must be approved by the magazine prior to printing. The magazine assumes no responsibility to errors or
omissions, or in the production quality of the insert.

Encompass Inc. will make every effort to provide the services as outlined. The advertiser agrees to release
Encompass Inc. from any liability for losses or damages arising from delays in delivery, acts of God, fires, strikes,
or other occurrences beyond the magazine’s control.

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country of Canada.

Any and all disputed or controversies arising under, out of or in connection with this contract, or with the sale and
performance of the magazine shall be resolved by final and binding arbitration in the province of British Columbia of
Canada under the rules of the Canadian Arbitration Law then obtaining. The arbitrators shall have no power to add to, subtract from or modify any of the terms or conditions of the contract.

In the event that Encompass Inc. commits any act, error or omission in the acceptance of typesetting, layout, printing
and/or distribution of the advertisement for which the magazine may be held legally responsible, the advertiser agrees
that Encompass Inc.’s liability will not exceed the cost of the space ordered and further agree that the magazine will not under any circumstance be held responsible for consequential damages, including lost income and/or profits.

New advertisers agree to pay a non-refundable 50% of the agreed upon advertising space price rate that is required
as a down payment to secure advertising spot. The remaining balance is due 30 days before publishing date. Post
dates will not be accepted. Payment will be in Canadian currency only.

For pre approved accounts, the advertiser agrees to pay Encompass Inc.’s lawyers for collecting unpaid billing for

Cancellations must be in writing 45 days prior to advertising closing date. Cancel orders after closing date are not
accepted without written request by the advertiser and consent granted by the magazine.