he life of ENCOMPASS magazine began as I was approaching 50 and began to notice that there weren't any magazines available for women 50+. After much research I knew that this was something I could do. I could create a magazine that would bring real people together who could share their real stories of their boomerhood from across the globe. I quickly discovered there were so many people who shared my passion with life and as time went by we grew in numbers and together we now share stories of other boomers and soon to be boomers who we feel is one of the most dynamic and free spirited generations of all time. We have come so far from our grandparents and great grandparents. From the time of our magazines inception, I have seen it grow and as all living things do, it continues to grow still.


Karen BrownleeAs you read the demographic numbers, it is my wish for you as an advertiser to see how your product reaches the highest target market for your money. Will my readers be seeing your ads or your competitor's ads?


"you would think that every entrepeneur with a product to sell, every politician with votes to win, and every media buying agency with clients to please would be falling over themselves to woo the Boomer demographic. But most aren't - They're pitching to the "youth market" even though "youth" are fewer, poorer and relatively powerless." According to National Post - July 2011

As our boomer readers are realizing their potential, they begin to understand they are now free to spend their time and money on themselves without the guilt. Encompass shares with them about travel, buying a second home or selling their existing home and buying a permanent vacation home elsewhere, finally buying their luxury vehicle..... we show them how the possibilities are seemingly endless.

We share with our readers products that enable them to feel and look good. As advertisers who are looking to utilize this type of platform, this opportunity is enormous to showcase your products in this global market. Our women readers are needing information on how to do this on a healthy level and you can give it. As you view our pages, you will see the advertising our readers are seeing and what products they are buying.

It is my wish for our readers and you as the advertiser to see this venture as a great opportunity to reach more buyers of your products. In a cost comparison to Cosmopolitan magazine one full page 4 color ad per issue is $289,110. Encompass magazine for one full page 4 color ad per issue is $8,025.00, with a much larger age varied demographic.

Go to our advertisng tab, there you will see a variety of advertising lay outs and pricing, please take the time to look them over and decide which format is best for your products and you to showcase.

I look forward to sharing this new and exciting time in our life together.

Karen Brownlee